Wednesday, October 12, 2011

IM Report Card Research

I recently signed up for IM Report Card Research. Yes, it's another survey site. To be honest, I really don't like most survey sites because they just seem to be really time consuming and usually don't pay much. I decided to try IM Report Card because I read they are a good company to go with. Once I filled out all of my profile information, I began receiving surveys immediately. Just clicking on the link to begin a survey enters you into a drawing for cash immediately. Even if you begin a survey but you don't qualify to finish it, you still get credited at least 10 cents for it. The cash can add up quickly and you can redeem them for gift cards. $8.50 can be redeemed for a $25 restaurant card! or you can get a prepaid debit card. There are a few to choose from. I should be able to get some prizes in no time! You also may have the chance to get free stuff. I took a survey the other day and now I am supposed to be getting a box of a new frozen breakfast treat that will be on shelves soon to try and give my opinion on! Of course, I can't be specific about it, but it sounds reallly good so I can't wait to try it! Who knows what other things you could get free!

Anyone have experience with IM Report Card Research? Good or bad? Have you redeemed your earnings for prizes?

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