Friday, October 21, 2011

NCP Is Accepting Applications!

Have you heard of National Consumer Panel? I've heard about it, but never got to try it myself until recently. They want to find out how we, as consumers, spend our money and what we buy. To do this, they will send you a scanner (below).

Once you receive your scanner, you will start recording your purchases. Now, this can take a bit of time because you have to scan everything that you buy; groceries, gas, clothes...etc.. You scan each and every item, tell them how many of each item you bought, the price, and if you used any coupons. Now, some people take the scanner to the store with them, however, I've decided it is easier for me to do at home, especially when I have my kids in tow.. I don't like going to the grocery store any way and don't want to have to spend more time there. Before I put my things away at home, I scan everything and always make sure I have the receipt next to me because they want to know the total of the entire purchase. If you use a lot of coupons, then it would probably be easier to do it at the store.  You do need to be able to connect the scanner to a modem in order to transmit the information.

What do you get for it? Well, first of all, every week that you record purchases, you are entered into various sweepstakes for prizes such as cash or gift cards. You also earn points. You can let these points build up and then exchange them for prizes or gifts. They have allll types of things that you can exchange your points for: electronics, toys, household items... everything. I've only been doing this for a few weeks now, but I'm hoping it is worth my time to do this every time I buy something. (I forget a lot of times, oops).

Has anyone reading this, done this for NCP? What kind of prizes/gifts have you received from your points? Does it take a  long time to rack up enough points to get something?? Come on and tell us!!

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