Wednesday, October 5, 2011


If you have a smartphone or any type of  phone that allows you to access the internet, you may want to consider joining MobileXpression. MobileXpression tracks your phone internet usage for use in statistics. All you have to do is download a small  softwareapplication which only takes a few minutes. Once you have confirmed that you downloaded the software, you automatically win a prize. I won a $5 amazon gift card. You also have chances to enter weekly contests for money or other prizes and win "tokens". Tokens can be used to take a spin on their prize wheel where you can win anything from an amazon gift card to an Apple iPad. Once you have a token, you are guaranteed a prize. I just joined MobileXpression about a week ago so I don't know a lot about it yet, but I did receive my amazon gift card code right away. Make sure that you only use this if you have unlimited data usage though so that you don't incur a lot of extra charges on your phone bill.  They promise to only collect data on your internet usage, and not information on any of the private personal phone calls that you make or receive.

Has anyone else had an experience with MobileXpression or know much more about them? You can sign up on their website, but I do ask that if you sign up, you give them my email address as referrer: . Thanks so much and good luck winning a prize!

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