Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Bring Santa Into Your Home!

Imagine your child's or children's faces when they wake up on Christmas morning to find a photograph of Santa in their house! With you can upload a photo of your home and insert santa into the picture, then print out the photograph and have it ready for your children on Christmas morning! This is such a neat idea and my kids would be soo excited to see a photo of santa in their house!

You can also share the photo via Twitter and Facebook and even purchase gift certificates for your friends, so that they can print a custom photo out for themselves. If you don't have children yourself, you can purchase e-gift certificates to give to your family and friends as a gift. I mean, how cool is this?:

Ok, so this isn't really my house, although I wish it were! haha. You can even take a photo of your child sleeping and put santa in his/her room! Woah!!

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