Sunday, January 1, 2012

A New Year To Find Some New Blogs!

I recently joined a blogging group on Facebook. It's a small group of bloggers that work together to help spread the word about each other's blogs. We decided to do guest posts on each other's blogs and alternate every so often, giving everyone a chance on every blog. My first guest post is from Silverfaeries and Dragonflies . I loved the name immediately, it sounds so fun and magical! Everyone please welcome Brandina and visit her blog. Leave her a comment and tell her that you saw her post here!

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Silverfaeries & Dragonflies is a personal blog about my life as a 30-something single mother of a 15 year old boy. There you will find articles that discuss my perspective of the world around me, issues that I feel are important and which weigh heavily on my mind and my personal attempts to start discussions regarding those issues. You will also find a number of other topics covered in the content such as recipes that I try (some at which I succeed and others not so much), tutorials on successful craft projects that I take on (in my constant struggle to find and nurture my creative self), my attempts at learning how to incorporate healthy nutrition and exercise into my family's lifestyle, yoga and meditation and whatever else happens to work it's way through my mind.

I started Silverfaeries & Dragonflies after spending a number of years desperately seeking some method in which I could express the creativity that exists inside of me while also sharing it with the world. Writing was always something that came naturally to me and throughout my teen years was the main method I used to figure out my own emotions and thoughts. So when I put two and two together, writing a blog quickly came to the forefront as a solution. As I began the journey of research about blogging, many other things about my life surfaced as well, all of them morphing into more of a basis for my blog's content. I realized that with my son being 15, I am not far from the point in life where he will decide to 'fly the coop', so to speak - leaving me an empty nester like so many other moms out there. I realized that I needed to begin searching deep within myself to find those things that I had set aside to raise my child, those hopes and dreams that I once had as a young girl, and find the ones that still meant something to me. I knew then how important it was for me to share what I learned along the way, how essential it would be for me to hear what other moms in similar situations feel, experience and think about it all. Soon after, a longing for discussion and community washed over me and pushed me closer and closer to starting up my blog.

I hope that what you find at Silverfaeries & Dragonflies is what I have always envisioned it to be: a place where we can all come together, share those deepest parts of ourselves and learn what it is that we need most. Maybe, just maybe, we can all help one another to find our own true selves and learn how to live the lives that we've always dreamed of. And hopefully, we'll pick up some new friends along the way.

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Loree said...

I'd love to join your blogging group and have some guests on my blog, too..I am just getting started really but my blog is and my email is loree(at) let me know if I can participate!