Thursday, January 19, 2012

Microworkers and Alertpay Update

I mentioned in an earlier post about joining Microworkers. I hadn't been paid yet though at the time, so I wanted to give a little update. First of all, there is a paypal logo on the Microworkers website, so when I signed up, I just assumed I would get paid through paypal. Wrong. For some reason, they stopped doing payments via paypal, so you have to use either moneybrokers or alertpay. I didn't have an account with either one, but had heard of alertpay, so I decided to sign up with them. I was a little concerned when I signed up and it said that they couldn't do bank transfers at the moment nor could they transfer the funds to a credit card, so the only options were to have a check sent to you, or a bank wire (at a fee of $15). They advertise having a prepaid debit card like paypal, but they are only accept pre-registrations, so you don't know when you may be able to get a debit card.

So I signed up for alert pay, and of course I had to send them a bunch of stuff like proof of address, and I.D...etc.. Once I was approved, I withdrew the money from Microworkers immediately. The first time you withdraw money from Microworkers, they have to send you a letter in the mail with a confirmation code on it, to use as your proof of address. So once I withdrew from Microworkers, it took a few WEEKS to get the code in the mail. Once I submitted the code, the money was deposited quickly into my alertpay account. I requested a check to withdraw the funds, and it took 12 days to get it, even though when I requested the withdraw, they said it would be sent out within 1-2 days, and it was from the US, so it should not have taken that long to get here.

So, I finally DID get paid from Microworkers, after waiting and waiting. I have more money built up in my account, but who wants to wait 2 weeks just to get a check? I am not liking alertpay, but I did just notice that it looks like they have the bank transfers turned back on. I wish I could just get a debit card like with paypal and get the money immediately.

Ah well, it's still money, no matter what! Anyone else have any experiences working for Microworkers or using Alertpay?

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