Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sweepstakes and Samples Report for December 2011

December was a busy  month for everyone. I didn't do a lot of sweepstaking. Just didn't take the time.. plus it was another month of no wins. Nothing at all. *sigh*. I know everyone goes through dry periods where they don't win a thing. I'm still entering giveaways and sweepstakes a few times during the week, but not every day like I did in the beginning. Maybe that's WHY my luck hasn't been as good because I haven't been entering as much? Who knows, really?

I did get some great samples and freebies in December though.

This month included a free Swiffer duster, Dove deodorant, a dog food sample, an Aero Shot energy shot (which I haven't tried yet, but I'm an energy drink fanatic so I'm sure I will soon!), and Purex UltraPacks. I also received a bottle of Purex laundry detergent, but after I finished the bottle off, i threw it away, so it is not in the pic. I got these free through Purex Insiders... you can get free full size samples from Purex and all you have to do is leave a review on their website, or on your blog! 

I also received THIS free from Wendys:

hahaha, I love it! It's a little small for me, but I think I'm going to keep it for my goal shirt to lose some weight so I can be hot n juicy!

I also think that once in awhile I will post a few sweepstakes that I am entering in case any of you would like to enter as well. Here are a few that I just entered today:

Win $250 worth of free gas!! Yeah!!!

Win $1,000 gift card to buy shoes for you and your co-workers! This is an awesome idea! I entered for my husband since I work from home (but could I use $1,000 for shoes for ME??? hmmmm)

This is through the Facebook sweepstakes app.. it's for a super cute bustier bag!! I want this!!

How about YOU? Any luck in December???

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