Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Best Money Makers of 2011

Here is a list of the things I have earned money with throughout the year in 2011. I'm including links to the original post describing how it works and what you need to do to sign up.

Demand Studios: I made great money with them in the beginning of the year. Then they decided to change everything around and there are no articles left to write. They were my biggest money maker and I'm still searching for something to make up for losing them.

Textbroker: This was the first place I signed up with when I first began writing. The pay isn't great, but it does help. They have changed their pay schedule to weekly instead of twice a month, which I love. The money is deposited right to your paypal account once you request it.

Suite 101: I do get payments from them once in awhile, but to be honest, I prefer writing articles that I will get paid for immediately, instead of waiting around for ad revenue. There are many places to write for like this, but you don't get paid upfront, your pay is based solely on ad revenue and hit generations.

Blogsvertise: When I first begun my journey into paid posting, I signed up with quite a few websites, but Blogsvertise is the only one that I still earn from fairly consistently. They send me an offer and if I accept the offer, I post about it and am always paid to my paypal on time.

Jingit: I haven't been with Jingit for long, but I've already earned money from them and used the Jingit debit card. It's so simple and easy to do, you just watch commercials on your computer. They are also launching an Android and iPhone app so you can earn from your phone!

I've also just begun a project with a client I came into contact with via oDesk. I'm still trying out all of the freelancing websites. Microworkers is going well, I'm just waiting for the confirmation number they are sending me in the mail to confirm my address before I can get paid. I will be posting more money making opportunities soon!

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