Monday, January 30, 2012

AnswerGem: Get Paid For Your Expertise

Do you have any type of expertise? Maybe you are an expert in electronics or perhaps a specific type of animal? Car repairs? Real estate? Medical advice? If you consider yourself to be an expert in any sort of niche topic, answergem may be a good match for you.

How It Works: People post a question with a reward or value amount of money they are willing to pay for an answer. Only experts on this subject are allowed to answer. If the person thinks that you answered their question well, you get paid!

First, you have to take a test to ensure that you are indeed an expert in your chosen topic. The questions can be difficult, but if I had any problems, I was able to do a basic search on google to find the answer. I am currently an expert on dog care and general. They send you email alerts letting you know when a new question has been posted in your area of expertise. The bad part is that sometimes you have to answer it before another expert does. You can choose to be an expert in a variety of topics as long as you can pass the tests.

You can request payout when your account has at least $20 in it and they pay via paypal.

**When you sign up, make sure you sign up as an EXPERT and not a customer. There can be a little confusion when you first sign up!

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