Wednesday, November 9, 2011

NaBloPoMo: My Home

When was the first time that you realized your home was not like other people's homes?

Never really thought about this. What's to say that my home isn't like other people's homes? Maybe it's not like other people's homes because I have so many pets? A big dog and 5 cats, not to mention 3 children and two adults? Maybe it's not like some people's homes but maybe it is like others? Why is mine not like others? Because it is mine. My husband and I bought it and fixed it up. It's not completely done yet, but we have plans for the rest. It is OURS. No one can take it away from us (unless we don't pay taxes). We have no landlord to worry about, no rent to pay every month. It is ours. Our first real home. We have a room in the back that is going to be our theatre room. We just haven't been able to finish it because my husband had shoulder surgery and now that he is almost fully recovered, we are waiting for him to get back to work and catch up on bills before we can finish it. We have some cool plans for it. We already painted the walls black. We are either going to put our big screen TV out there or get a projector that plays DVDs. We are going to hang movie posters up all over the room and the hallway that leads to the room. There is a couch out there right now. Actually, the kids use it as a play room for now until we can get it the way we want it. We will eventually get some bean bag chairs out there. One day everything will be done, but no matter what, it is ours.

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