Monday, November 14, 2011

More Ways to Earn Money Writing Articles

Forgive me for not posting in a few days. I was sick all weekend and am just now beginning to feel better. So much for my posting every day, huh? But I will attempt to make up for it after the end of the month!

I've recently been searching for more writing opportunities since I'm not making money with Demand Studios any more. I still occasionally write for textbroker, but honestly, the pay is so small, sometimes it doesn't seem to make it worth my time. I really can't believe how much some people expect from a writer for such small pay.

Examiner seems to be a great place for writers. With Examiner, you must apply to be a writer for them. They have numerous subjects that you can choose from, but if you are hired for a specific subject you have to stick with that subject. They also go by your location, so for instance, I was approved to be an Animal Advocacy writer (which goes right along with my last post, eh?), so I have written a few articles on various things regarding animals. I wrote an event article about a local Pit Bull adoption event and also wrote an article on why people should adopt from shelters instead of breeders/pet stores. Articles are only required to be at least 200 words and no more than 400. They feel that an article that is too long will not keep the reader's attention (makes sense). This means, that the articles can be written fairly easily. I began earning money right away. I've only written a few articles for them so far, but could see this as being a good income source once I get a lot of articles under my belt. Pay is based on a variety of things including page views, and ad clicks...etc.. Apply with Examiner here.

Infobarrel is another writing platform. Your first article has to be approved for publishing, but after that, no approval is needed for future articles. You earn money via your own adsense account, amazon, and chitika accounts. I have only written a couple of articles for them as well, but have plans for more in the future.

Seekyt is another one that also uses adsense and amazon. I have not signed up with this one yet, but would love to know if anyone reading this has any information on them?

The difficult thing with using these websites is knowing which one is the best to make money with. Should you only use one single platform, or should you spread your articles around? It's so difficult to know which ones to sign up with. I have quite a few articles on Suite 101, but have only made about $90 in the last year. Should I put all of my articles on there to grow it? Or try these other places? Ahhhh! Here's an article I wrote last year regarding ways that you can promote your articles . I still use all of these, along with facebook and Twitter.

Would love some comments from any of the other writers out there? What works the best for you??

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